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You may be wondering: Can HGH really be the breakthrough scientists have been seeking for decades?

The answer is a resounding YES!

The influence of HGH on hair, skin, muscle, brain function and sexual health has been very well documented in research and medical and scientific journals:

Daniel Rudman, M.D., in the New England Journal of Medicine:
"The effects of six months of human growth hormone on lean body mass and adipose-tissue were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10-20 years of aging."

Dr. Rudman studied patients age 61 to 81 at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After six months, Dr. Rudman observed a reversal of the aging process in patients who received HGH injections. The results were to turn back the clock, biologically, as much as 10 to 20 years!

Other clinical studies on HGH in the past 30 years have shown that HGH can allow users to lose fat, build muscle mass, improve sexual performance, remove wrinkles, eliminate cellulite, and increase immune function when taken through intra-muscular injections

V. A. Medical Center and Department of Medicine, Stanford University Medical Center concludes:
"It is possible that chronic physiologic GH and/or IGF-I replacement therapy might reverse (or prevent) some of these 'inevitable' sequelae of aging." (Study of GH therapy in the elderly - March 1992)

Dr. Chein of the Life Extension Institute studied 202 patients that he treated with HGH. Patients reported improvement in the following areas

Healing of other injuries 61%

Wrinkle disappearance 61%

Overall life outlook 78%

Emotional stability 67%

Exercise tolerance 81%

New hair growth 38%

Healing capacity 71%

Skin thickness 68%

Skin elasticity 71%

Back flexibility 83%

Muscle size 81%

Body fat loss 82%

Hot flashes 58%

Memory 62%

Strength, exercise & body fat, muscle strength 88%

Sexual function, sexual potency/frequency 75%

Energy, emotions & memory, energy level 84%

Resistance to common illness 73%

Skin & hair care, skin texture 71%

Duration of penile erection 62%

Menstrual cycle regulation 39%

Dr. Jorgensen and Dr. Christian of Copenhagen, Denmark, in European Journal of Endocrinology, 1994:
"Replacement therapy with Growth Hormone has shown beneficial/normalizing effect on parameters such as cardiac and renal function, thyroid hormone metabolism, bone metabolism, sweat secretion, total and regional fuel metabolism and psychological well being".

Dr. Anthony Karpos, M.D.:
"We really have something here which may be able to reverse some of the problems associated with aging".

Drs. Ramias, Shamos, and Schiller of St. Joseph Hospital Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ:
The Doctors found HGH to be a potent anabolic agent "Daily Administration of human growth hormone in the first week after trauma would enhance the metabolic status.... resulting in reduced morbidity and earlier discharge from hospital". (May 1992, Journal of Surgery. Vol 111, 495-502)

Dr. Jake Powrie, M.D. and Dr. Andrew Weissberger, St. Thomas Hospital, London England:
"All adults with growth hormone deficiency should now be considered for growth hormone replacement therapy". (1995)

Dr. Rosen, M.D. and Dr. G. Johannsson, M.D. of University Hospital, Goteborg, Sweden:
"There is no evidence suggestion that Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy causes any unfavorable long term side effects". (Hormone Research, 1995)

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